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Axe Enterprise | The Orion Energy Powering Corporates. Save Time and Money. Increase Productivity.

Request Energy - Fuel/Gas/Solar

Make an order and give us your location for gas on demand delivery or your company name and location where you need fuel – we can be there within the hour, or just 15 minutes for Gas On Demand.

Go on with your business

Proceed with what is important leave the fueling/gas refilling hustle to Axe Enterprise. Remember to pop your gas flap before locking your car, so we can securely fill your tank while you’re away. We securely fuel your company vehicles or employees' cars while they are busy working and being productive for you. No more running late for meetings or work queuing at fuel stations.

Save Time & Money!

Save Time and Money. Whether at home, apartment, or work, we’ll deliver the energy. Our fully licensed and trained partners are trusted brands and together we are here to save you the hustle to the Gas refill or Petrol Station.