Fuel/Gas/Solar/Generator Delivered. WE SAVE YOU MANY HOURS OF HUSTLE

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Fuel/Gas/Solar Delivered. On Demand. Saves You Many Hours of Hustle

Every day, new innovations, even the things we need the most are finding their way to us and we are saving the time to go look for them.

Amazon brought books, Ebay followed with electronics, Uber now has brought cars and now Axe Enterprise is bring you Fuel, Car Accessories & Free Check Ups, Gas Supply, Solar & Generator Installation to your DOOR STEP, WORK PLACE, ON THE ROAD, or IN YOUR SLEEP before you rise for work you can simply have all your company cars fueled at a go, or solar/generators installed in your institutions or all your company cars serviced.

With that said, Axe Enterprise is here to change the culture that was adopted in 1900. Going to fill up all your company cars or gas cylinders at the Petrol station. It actually costs your company so many hours to fully fuel all your cars, it cost even more hours to get the right solar panels suppliers, or genuine gas dealers or to stop whatever that you were doing in the house to go get a Gas cylinder at a Gas Station.

Axe Enterprise is here to change how we fuel automobiles in Africa, get Gas refilled in our homes, How solars are delivered to Govt, Education institution and reduce power outtages by installing power generators across Africa e.t.c.

Axe Enterprise has all your energy needs sorted.

Axe Enterprise isn’t just more convenient for you, it’s more sustainable for the environment, you get clean fuel that hasn't corroded or contaminated in the underground tanks.

We protect Homestead customers by providing non-contaminated Gas. You get legit Gas from the most trusted Energy Brands. Use the extra time we save you to make more money, be with family, take kids to the bouncing castles as we roll by with the duty call.

Axe Enterprise is dedicated to reduce your Hustle, Power Your Life, Power Our Corporate World and Power Africa.

NOTE :: We are not here to compete with Petrol Stations/Petroleum Companies, We are here to create a collaborative synergistic relationship to help deliver fuel to the clients more efficiently. Save them a walk to the petrol station, solar or generator plants and give them a Bonus(Free Car Check Up & Installation) and prescribe to the clients what to replace or just give them a date for full car servicing.

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